Fleck Water Softener Reviews - Which Fleck Product Is Right For You?

By reputation alone, Fleck softeners are considered by many to be the go-to brand of water softeners for domestic customers today. Review after review (and you'll find plenty of 5-star fleck water softener reviews online) you'll notice Flecks customers are happy, The product range is well developed and extensive which means that it is easy to find just the configuration you need for any particular budget.

The Fleck brand is owned by multi-national Pentair Water Treatment who support a wide range of environmentally friendly products so you should expect to be able to use a Fleck water softener in more situations than many of its competitors.

Why Choose Fleck?

Technology - Fleck devices can incorporate a wide selection of softening technologies, including potassium or salt-free offerings for those who need to manage the mineral content of their diet more closely. For the hardest of water areas, their range of technologies also includes additional iron filters. Because Fleck is a sub-division of Pentair Water, their range of products is wider than other competitors. They offer 20 different water softeners with 90 additional options making around 1,000 different configurations to choose from.

Warranty and Customer Service - When you buy Fleck you can rest assured you’ll get looked after. Firstly, the warranty, 10 years for the tank and five for the control unit, means you can rely on gallons and gallons of soft water for years to come. Their customer service is also rated as the best in the business and because they are a large, well-known brand, consumables, and spare parts (should you need them) are easy to find.

Installation and Use - For most Fleck water softeners, the system can be installed at home by anyone with a smattering of knowledge about basic plumbing. If you don’t have that knowledge, your local plumber will be more than capable of installing on your behalf, no specialist knowledge is needed. If you happen to choose one of the higher capacity systems you may need a bit of manpower to physically install the cylinders and fill them – they hold lots of salt and even more resin pellets but once this is done, managing the system really only needs one pair hands.

Let’s take a look at the 3 top selling fleck models:



The Fleck 5600sxt

Grains: 48,000

Weight: 150 pounds

10 Years Warranty on tank and 5 years for the control unit



The Fleck 7000sxt

Grains: 64,000

Weight: 132 pounds

10 Years Warranty on tank and 5 years for the control unit



The Fleck 9100sxt

Grains: 88,000

Weight: 135 pounds

5 Years Warranty on the brine tank and 10 for the resin tank

1. The Fleck 5600sxt

  • Grains: 48,000

  • Type of System: Salt

  • Warranty: 10 years for the tank and 5 years for the control unit – that’s a lot of water!
Fleck water softener reviews - our favourite system

With its 48,000 grain capacity, the Fleck5600sxt is beefy enough to take care of the water softening needs of even the most demanding households. Resin beads and salt pellets (48,000 of them) effectively and efficiently get rid of hard water elements such as calcium and magnesium ensuring that water tastes better and appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers don’t clog up and need expensive repairs.

The entire process is managed efficiently by a meter based control system. This means that the only thing you need to do is top up the salt pellets occasionally. Cleaning the system, known as regeneration, happens automatically which means that you don’t waste water as it only happens when it is needed.

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  • Great warranty
  • Automatic regeneration means no work for you
  • Automatic regeneration makes best use of your water
  • Very effective for medium to large households


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • A bit much for smaller households
  • Consumables (salt pellets) can be costly if you don’t run the unit correctly

Best Suited For - Medium to large households will benefit best from using the Fleck5600sxt. It is a large system – with two tanks, one for brine, and one for grains – so it needs a three-foot square space to be stored in. On top of that, if you are handy with plumbing tools it’s also easily installed. If you are looking for a hands-off system then the 5600sxt is the one for you, it needs minimal intervention once it has been set up and is running smoothly.

2. The Fleck 7000sxt

  • Grains: 64,000

  • Type of System: Salt

  • Warranty: 5 years on the brine tank and controls and ten years on the resin tank
The Fleck 7000sxt

If you are looking for a guaranteed supply of soft water then the Fleck 7000sxt is the model to consider. It has two tanks that soften water and the digital control head monitors the effectiveness of a tank and when it requires regenerating, or cleaning, the control panel initiates the correct process automatically.

The Fleck 700sxt also comes with an easy to use bypass switch so you can shut the system down quickly and easily, just by flicking a switch – clever eh? Supplying enough soft water for even the largest of families, it is perfectly suited for homes with up to three bathrooms. It even has enough capacity to serve small commercial operations.

The entire system is managed very easily from and LCD based control screen. The on-board microprocessor monitors the volumes of water softened and automatically initiates regeneration when the volumes reach a level where the resin beads require cleaning. This way, the tank is always cleaned at the optimum time.

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  • Excellent water softening process
  • By pass valves mean the system can be turned off easily
  • Smart processing means the system idles when not being used
  • Low salt consumption saves money
  • High volumes handled easily


  • Probably too large for many homes
  • Installation might be a challenge as it is very heavy
  • Not exactly budget prices

Best Suited For - Larger households, with up to three bathrooms will love the capacity that the Fleck 7000 has to offer. If you live in an area where water consumption is monitored it will also help keep costs down as the electronics ensure that regeneration only happens when required. There is also enough oomph in this system to keep a small office building running effectively with wonderfully soft water.

3.The Fleck 9100sxt

  • Grains: 88,000

  • Type of System: Salt

  • Warranty: 5 years on the brine tank and controls and ten years on the resin tank
The Fleck 9100sxt

Certainly one not to overlook, the Fleck 9100sxt has three tanks. The conventional brine tank found on all salt based water softeners is accompanied by two separate resin tanks managed by one single control valve.

The two tanks mean that high levels of hardness can be treated effectively without ever shutting down the system for regeneration. The control panel automatically monitors the amount of water cleaned and switches to the second tank at the appropriate time. The first tank is then regenerated whilst the soft water supply continues at an impressive 12 gallons per minute capacity without interruption.

Despite the obvious capacity of the system it is easy to manage using the LCD screen with its simple clear instructions and touch pad controls.

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  • Suitable for the largest of families
  • Enough capacity for smaller commercial operations
  • Guarantees a constant supply of softened water with no supply down time


  • Large tanks mean it’s not a one-person job to install and setup
  • Refilling the brine tank is not for the feint hearted
  • Not really suited for most family homes

Best Suited For - All that capacity and the tank switching capability is probably more functionality than the average family, even the largest ones, would require. However, for installations requiring a constant supply of soft water such as small catering businesses, medical establishments, and the like, this really is a water softener to reckon with. Top quality warranty provision means it is also worth considering if you are keen to see someone else provide all of the technical back up that might be needed to keep your system running.

With the above Fleck water softener reviews you should have no trouble choosing the right one when the time comes to purchase! For more water softener reviews, visit the WSC homepage and start browsing.

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